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” Hak Kim Trading Company’s LL509G is a simple umbrella that’s perfect for everyday use. It comes in various colors for you to choose from.

It has a a length of 24 inches, which provides user with ample coverage from the weather. It’s lightweight and sturdy so you can reliably use it for a long period of time.

The automatic opening feature ensures easy usage if you’re on the go. It’s definitely a great gift idea to consider. “


  • Automatic opening
  • Simple design
  • Numerous color options
  • Large size for better coverage


  • Not as portable as compact umbrellas



2012: 《我的小小发明》 Think Big, Episode 1

2010: Do you have what it takes to be BOSS?


Selling at major bookstores in Singapore such as Popular, Times, MPH, Kinokuniya, Borders and PageOne


Peter Chan, founder of Hak Kim Trading Company, has been featured in Cayden Chang and Pearlin Siow’s book of ‘Do you have what it takes to be BOSS’. Sharing the secret codes to be a successful entrepreneur, Peter was generous in revealing his life story and his efforts in making his business flourish.


1) ALWAYS LOOK OUT FOR A WIN-WIN SITUATION for both your customers and the people you work with. The working relationship can be a lasting and fruitful one only when both parties have something to gain.

2) IT IS OKAY TO FAIL AND MAKE MISTAKES. Learn from them and make them work for you. The only time your failure is cast to stone is when you give up half way.

3) LOOK FOR LONG TERM, LASTING RESULTS rather than short term on-off benefits. Often times, you have to give up the latter for the former. Be honest to your customers and the people you work with. Treat them as your friends and respect them.

4) IT IS IMPERATIVE TO CONTINUE TO ENGAGE IN IMPROVING your products and operations, or else, your business will either become stagnant or even obsolete.

5) MOTIVATE YOURSELF. As time passes, people are consumed by their business (when they are plagued with work problems), and more often than not, enthusiasm and motivation start dwinndling. This will affect the way of running their business. Thus, it is crucial to motivate oneself to maintain the level of passion and positivity that you possessed the first time you started – throughout your business life. “I constantly remind myself of this as well. Customers’ reactions and the service I render are the best feedback I use to review myself.”